Batukaras, Pangandaran, Indonesia

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28 Jul

Spending Holiday in Batu Karas? Stay in This Hotel to Get the Best Experience!

Batu Karas in Indonesia has a complete tour package which makes it worth to visit at least once in a lifetime. Visiting nature tourist area mostly needs a willingness to face many challenges, but Batu Karas is different. It has complete facilities, including Batu Karas hotel and restaurant to ensure the comfort of the tourists.

Deciding to spend my holiday in Batu Karas, I need to travel around 6 to 7 hours from Jakarta. There is an option for a one-hour flight from the capital to Pengandaran, but I opt for a road travel which gives me a glimpse of West Java nature along the way.

Since I want to stay comfortably, Sunrise Resort is the best Batu Karas accommodation to choose. The resort is only 800 m from Legok Pari and 500 m from Reef Surf Break; both are the best surfing spots which attract many people to come every day. Not far from this resort, there are also other tourist destinations such the Green Canyon and Pananjung Nature Reserve.

This Batu Karas accommodation displays luxury in every corner, including its clean, spacious, and comfortable room. There are several types of rooms to choose; those are the Standard Suite, Deluxe Suite, Super Deluxe Suite, Family Suite, and Family Extra. Some of the rooms have access to the view of the poolside or the Indian Ocean.

The resort opens for private guests, so the privacy won’t be an issue while staying here. The good news is I don’t need to spend much to stay in one of the Sunrise Resort rooms since their rate is very competitive. The budget to spend a holiday here is also relatively low since Batu Karas has lower living cost than many other regions in Indonesia.

During my stay in Batu Karas, I can enjoy swimming in the Batu Karas hotel swimming pool or walk to the beach to sunbathe and swim there instead. When it’s time for a meal, some restaurants are offering delicious dishes including that in the resort itself. Batu Karas is also a fishing village, so it also has a variety of seafood menus.

To make the experience of spending holiday in Batu Karas even more memorable, the visitors can buy the souvenirs in the shops along the street near the hotel. The shops also sell surfing necessities, including the surfboard, sunscreen, and board shorts. This combination of spending a holiday in nature and staying in luxury Batu Karas accommodation is the best thing to expect in Batu Karas.

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