Batukaras, Pangandaran, Indonesia

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28 Jul

Holiday Experience in Batu Karas, the Magnificent Tourist Destination in West Java

West Java in Indonesia has many things to offer. One of them is Batu Karas, which is an integral part of the Pengandaran tourist area. Located on the seashore of the Indian Ocean, Batu Karas offers the breathtaking view of the beach, especially during the sunset. It also has many other factors which attract people to visit, such as the following ones.
• Best Spot for Surfing
Batu Karas Beach is a well-known surfing spot, especially for the beginners. There are two main spots in the beach, the Legok Pari, and Reef surf break. Both spots have a perfect height of waves to learn surfing. The surfboard and other surfing necessities are available to rent or buy.
• River Expedition
Holiday in Batu Karas is never complete without a visit to Cukang Taneuh, also known as Green Canyon. Even though the main attraction is the tall cliffs on the side of the river, the best way to enjoy the scenery is to travel by boat through the narrow brackish river. Along the journey, people will see the breathtaking view of the canyon, which is called “green” because the water is greenish due to molds and there are also trees growing densely on the cliffs.
• Local Culture
Traveling isn’t only about spending a holiday but also to learn about many things. In Batu Karas, the tourist can see the life of local fishers. Many of them still use traditional fishing boats. Moreover, the cleanliness of the beach is a part of their culture. One litters the beach will be given traditional punishment, that is to clean the beach.
• Complete Public Facilities
Has been developed as a tourist area, Batu Karas has complete public facilities to ensure the comfort of the visitors, including the restaurants, shops, and ATM. Moreover, Batu Karas is easy to access from another area in Indonesia as there are the bus, private car, or airplane from Jakarta to Pengandaran. There is the shuttle bus from the airport to Batu Karas.
• Best Accommodation
As for the accommodation in Batu Karas, there is the Sunrise Resort which offers luxury room to stay at affordable price. The resort offers some types of rooms such as the Standard Suite, Deluxe Suite, Super Deluxe Suite, Family Suite, and Family Extra.
The room has a very comfortable bedding and is equipped with AC and cable TV. Each room also has a modern bathroom, while several of them have access to the poolside and the Indian Ocean view. The resort is also very close to the tourist destination in Batu Karas, especially the beach, which is within comfortable walking distance (500-800 m).

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