3 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Batu Karas Pangandaran

Spending a holiday in a new place is always interesting, even more so when the destination is ideal to relax and unwind; such as Batukaras. Travelling from Jakarta requires a 9 - 10 hour drive or alternatively a 1 hour and 5 minute plane flight to Pangandaran Airport which is situated at Cijulang. The airport is closer to Batu Karas than it is to Pangandaran Beach. After deciding to spend a holiday here; these are some of the most popular tourist destinations which must be included in anyone's Batukaras tour agenda.

  • Batu Karas Beach

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Batu Karas Beach, the Best Surfing Spot for Beginners

For surfing enthusiasts, Batu Karas Beach in West Java is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. The beach is around 6 to 7-hour drive or an hour flight from Jakarta. Many people come here from other regions in Indonesia and overseas to practice their surfing skill.

The sloping beach has brown sands, and I can see the magnificent Indian Ocean from here. Along the seashore, there is also a dense forest which makes the scenery even more beautiful. While relaxing under the sun shine in this beach, I can feel the calmness of nature and the urge to capture this precious m

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Spending Holiday in Batu Karas? Stay in This Resort to Get the Best Experience!

Batu Karas in Indonesia has a complete tour package which makes it worth to visit at least once in a lifetime. Visiting nature tourist area mostly needs a willingness to face many challenges, but Batu Karas is different. It has complete facilities, including Batu Karas hotel and restaurant to ensure the comfort of the tourists.

Deciding to spend my holiday in Batu Karas, I need to travel around 6 to 7 hours from Jakarta. There is an option for a one-hour flight from the capital to Pengandaran, but I opt for a road

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Holiday Experience in Batu Karas, the Magnificent Tourist Destination in West Java

West Java in Indonesia has many things to offer. One of them is Batu Karas, which is an integral part of the Pengandaran tourist area. Located on the seashore of the Indian Ocean, Batu Karas offers the breathtaking view of the beach, especially during the sunset. It also has many other factors which attract people to visit, such as the following ones.
• Best Spot for Surfing
Batu Karas Beach is a well-known surfing spot, especially for the beginners. There are two main spots in the beach, the Legok Pari, and Reef surf break. Both spots have a perfect height of waves to learn surfing. The surfboard and other surfing nece

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