Activities at Batu Karas


Batukaras is an integral part of the Pangandaran tourist area. Located on the seashore of the Indian Ocean, Batukaras offers the breathtaking view of the beach; especially during the sunset. It also has many other factors which attract people to visit; such as the following ones:-



Batukaras is a well known surfing spot, especially for the beginner. There are two main locations at the beach, the first is Legok Pari which provides gentle waves breaking over a sand bottom. The second spot is at the other end of the Bay, some 1000 meters from Legok Pari. Its called the Reef. This is the right hand Reef break which provides up to 150 meters and is best surfed at half to full tide .

There are several other surf breaks around Batukaras which include Batu Nunggal, Bulak Benda, and Batu Hiu. These breaks are more for experienced surfers as the waves are generally bigger and more powerful.

Surfboard Rental and Lessons are available at Legok Pari; which are conducted by friendly English speaking local surfer.




You can find lots of fishing spots around Batu Karas.

Rent a boat with a guide and they will take you to an exotic place to fish.

You can also try your luck fishing off the bank along the river.



Batu Karas is surrounded by natural beauty.

You can walk along the uncrowded beach for miles,

visit the Mangrove Conservation area surounding the river before it enters the ocean.

You can also wander through the local village or rice fields at your leisure.


Motorbike Rental

If you want to explore the area hire an automatic scooter and go for a ride.

The roads are relatively quiet  which allow you to journey through the many surounding villages or

travel along the coastline for hours.


Green Canyon

A holiday in Batukaras is never complete without a visit to Cukang Taneuh, also known as Green Canyon. 

You can take a boat trip through the narrow brackish river to the headwaters where you can swim in the cool river pools.

A part of the Cijulang river has a waterfall and cave with a beautiful natural swimming pool.

You can rent a boat at the Ciseureah Dock about 15 minutes from Sunrise Resort


Body Rafting at Green Canyon or at Citumang

This is a two kilometer downstream experience conducted by professional guides.

All safety equipment is provided in addition to a light snack at the halfway point.

Hotel pick up and drop off is provided.


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